15 minutes happier, Yourself


My #currentmood is everything New England fall. Started with a giant Dunkin’ pumpkin-is-back billboard, a candle sale at White Barn, and then right through the new episodes of the Great British Baking Show. A cornucopia of fall cozy pretty much exploded. Other than channeling my most #basic self, these things collectively led to increased productivity.

As my son would say, what the what?

Well, when my home is cozy-fied, I knit more. And when I knit more, my son gets a sweater. And when I finish a sweater, I feel accomplished and want to knit more. Once that momentum is going, all I have to do is keep it moving rather than try to get started over and over.

 Prepping your environment allows motivation and energy to automagically show up.

“Prepping the environment” is a fancy way of saying “set yourself up for success”.

Other ways I prep my environment? Listing to my #bosslady Spotify playlist on my way to work. Using Peapod to have groceries delivered so healthier dinners are more likely. Wearing my new leopard print booties so I feel like a #badass even though no one on my conference calls can see them. Leaving my journal on the dining room table so I write in the mornings.

Journaling prompts:
How do you manage your #currentmood?
In what ways do you – or can you – set up your environment and make it easier to do what you brings you energy?


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