15 minutes happier

A list more important than your to-do list

Now is a good time for a reminder that happiness is a skill. Just like any other skill, happiness takes practice and patience. Part of my happiness practice is collecting and sharing 15-minute happiness check-ins.

I came across an article from Mama Mia.com.au encouraging moms to share their “I don’t” lists as a way to combat the insane Superwoman Syndrome most moms are facing. I laughed out loud at Holly Wainwright’s spot-on inventory of the insane list of “do it all, have it all” messaging that women receive daily. Honestly, watch out – it’s all a trap!

If women are focused on things we’re supposed to be doing that Holly outlines, ranging from keto diets to maximizing after-school activities, there’s no time for uninterrupted time. Brigit Schulte puts forth my current soapbox hypothesis regarding women and time: A women’s greatest enemy is lack of time to herself.

So why not figure out what is not for you* in order to reclaim time for yourself?

Today’s 15 minute happier activity is in two parts:

  1. Schedule 2 hours of interrupted time in your week.
    Protect it as sacred, because it is.
  2. Write out your “I don’t” list. If you’re feeling brave, share your list – or part of it.
It goes on…and on.

*Check out the Bloggess’ “Things I hate that everyone loves” for another approach.


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