2020: Make the 1.8% Promise

January 1st means I’ve got a running list of “21 by ’21”, a word of the year, and intentions. What can I say? I like frameworks, planning, and trackable achievements.

The ultimate goal I expect to get me where I want to go is what I’m calling my 1.8% Promise.

The 1.8% Promise is a commitment to find 2 hours a week of uninterrupted time to myself for each week for what fires me up.

  1. Why 1.8%? Well, a week is 168 hours. Back out 8 hours a day for sleep (I know, aspirational), and you’ve got 112 hours. Just 1.8% of that time gets you two hours a week.
  2. Why two hours? Most American women have less than 2 hours a week where they are not interrupted. Let’s be above average, happiness hunters!
  3. What should I do with 2 hours? Anything that is just for you, and gets you into a state of flow. Your two hours is not for all that unpaid or emotional work that you already do.
  4. Yeah, right. If you think it’s impossible, and you can’t get that time to yourself, please read Eve Rodsky’s Fair Play. She advocates for 4 hours a week of Unicorn Time for everyone, which is where I want to end my year. I’m working up to it! Let’s do it together.

Where did this come from? Reading Melinda Gates’ The Moment of Lift, Eve Rodsky’s Fair Play and Greg McKeown’s Essentialism, enabled me to better articulate why I encourage others (especially working moms) to Work Your Happy:

Our society needs women to reclaim their time, in order to both lead happier, healthier lives and contribute the unique perspectives and innovates we bring to our communities.

Taking back your time is powerful and 2020 is a year to flex your power. If the 1.8% Promise sounds like one you’re willing to make – or a habit you already have in your routine – please let me know how you make it all work and how you chose to use your time.

Email, @workyourhappy on Instagram or #1point8promise.

I’m crowdsourcing how people make their weeks work: take the 5 question survey now!


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