“True Leaders Are Story Writers, Not Storytellers”

Nick Craig dropped that quote during a Leading from Purpose virtual town hall via Zoom. Nick is President of the Core Leadership Institute and author of Leading from Purpose.

As alums of Nick’s Leading from Purpose program, we each shared how we are working to live our purpose in our current realities. As others shared their experiences, I realized that authentic, author and authority all share the same Latin root: auctor.

Auctor: “promoter, producer; builder, founder; trustworthy writer, authority; historian; performer, doer; responsible person, teacher.”

Literally “one who causes to grow”!

As we all look to lead through uncertainty, we are writing the stories we tell ourselves and which we tell others about our current experiences. We are growing, leading and learning, hopefully with intention and agency.

Nick asked this powerful question:

When did you rewrite part of your story?

We’ve all done it, determining how we share our stories, making decisions about how we choose to perceive challenging experiences. We don’t need to wait to rewrite our stories. We can chose how we write the story now.

I’m asking myself “what stories am I telling myself and telling others about what I’m experiencing now?” to step into leading with my purpose. I believe we can all find a little magic, regardless of our circumstances, if only we look for it.


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