My June Swoon

I’ve turned to this bit of Glennon Doyle’s writing from Love Warrior almost every day during the last 6 weeks:

Crisis means to sift. Let it all fall away and you’ll be left with what matters.

Every day, I take stock and consider what is essential right now. What feels essential every day changes. June left me feeling a bit less anchored and more concerned that this was how I’d feel until things returned to normal – whatever that is is, regardless of if it will be possible.

Last week, I came across Thrive Global’s 9 Unexpected Lessons We’ve Learned About Time Management During The Coronavirus Pandemic . Almost immediately, I implemented the 4C’s recommended in the article.

“With huge fluxes in both my energy and motivation during this time, it suddenly feels like every task takes longer to accomplish. Therefore, I’ve recently enhanced my usual to-do list with the ‘Four C’s’:  Create, Contribute, Collaborate, and Consume. Each day, I make sure I complete one creative task, find one place where I can contribute, stay connected in a socially distanced world, and consume one podcast, article, or event that will elevate my work. It keeps me going and growing.”

—Stacy Cassio, CEO, Charlotte, NC

This framework has become the sieve I needed to sift through all the to-dos and activities to remain focused on what is essential. It’s a great reminder of what matters most each day.


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