About Wendy

optimist | happiness hunter | activist

My mission
I encourage women to reclaim their time, so that they are able to lead happier, healthier lives while maximizing the unique gifts they have to contribute.

My story
In 2014, I was racing between clinical IVF appointments and conference calls. Stuck on Route 3 while driving into downtown Boston, I realized I was close to breaking down. What would my life look like if IVF didn’t work for us? Was there any way to make this process suck less?

That day, I started building the life I needed while I waited for the life I wanted.

As I hunted down happiness, I came to understand that we are being sold a toxic story – the we being working parents. You can – and should – have it all and do everything. Travel when you’re retired and rest when you are dead.

Throughout my almost 20 years in Human Resources, I’ve seen the impact of this story on happiness and health. I know that losing the best possible contributions of working women to burnout and stress weakens the stability of our businesses, communities and society.

Over the past 6 years, I’ve studied and synthesized leadership advice, management trends, time management tips, productivity hacks and positive psychology research to mix up my Work Your Happy strategies to find balance and maintain boundaries while working towards personal and professional goals.

Happiness is an integrated approach to wellbeing and self-care. It requires work, relies on balancing competing agendas and remains necessary for strong societies. 

My own happiness manifesto depends on 5 key truths:

  1. Happiness is the return on where I invest my time.
  2. My happiness will not look the same as your happiness.
  3. I have to name my dreams to claim my dreams (thanks, Oprah!)
  4. Happiness is a skill that requires practice, planning and patience.
  5. There are (3) G-forces for a happier life: Gratitude, Generosity and Graciousness.

I’m committed to helping others hunt their own happiness by sharing practical advice and simple exercises to develop the skill of happiness. I show up with an earnest mix of Molly Weasley and corporate Leslie Knope. Finding happiness should be fun, and I’m here to Work Your Happy.

Want to get started?
Polish Your Diamonds: Write down and name all your shiny, sparkling facets. 
Start with “I am a” … and list all the parts of who you are that deserve your time and attention. 

Like so:
I am a: writer, knitter, baker, mother, sister, daughter, wife, coach, friend, speaker, activist …