Back to Basics, Self-Care Edition

Self-care is not vanity. Jonathan Van Ness, Over The Top Oh, whoa. Teresa and I agreed that "what do you think when you hear self-care?" would be a great prompt coming out February. You know, self-care and that holiday focused on love and appreciation? We'd apply it to ourselves and have a great topic to… Continue reading Back to Basics, Self-Care Edition


The (5) W’s and (1) H: Career Coaching Edition

I'm lucky that part of my corporate day job includes career coaching. Not only am I able to talk with employees at all experience levels and in different business groups, I also get regular check-in with myself on my own career aspirations. Across my coaching conversations, I find myself turning to those classic reporter's questions,… Continue reading The (5) W’s and (1) H: Career Coaching Edition


Extra! Extra!

Hey, fellow happiness hunters! My first newsletter went out today. I'm clickable! Work Your Happy is my monthly newsletter helpingboost daily happiness in 5 key areas to benefit overall well-being. Health * Assets * People * Purpose * Yourself In the November 2019 newsletter:The first all-female spacewalk was out of this world,the personalization of time steals your friends,and Harry Potter… Continue reading Extra! Extra!