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Ask Wendy: Hunters vs Gatherers

Q: I manage two very talented employees. They each bring different things to the table, and the team has a nice skill balance. One is a vegetarian and the other is a hunter. Hunter isnā€™t pinning up pictures, but there is some hunting discussion going on. Veggie asked me, as their manager, to talk to… Continue reading Ask Wendy: Hunters vs Gatherers

Ask Wendy

Venting vs Bitching: The Difference Matters

Q: What is the best way to approach employees who say unkind things about other employees or customers and are overheard doing so? They are usually blowing off a little steam after a frustrating conversation, they may not know they can be heard, and the things they are saying aren't racist or sexist, just generally… Continue reading Venting vs Bitching: The Difference Matters

Ask Wendy

Child-bearer of Bad News?

Q: When is it appropriate to tell a potential employer you'reĀ pregnant when applying for a job? And to whom: the recruiter, the hiring manager... or just to HR after you start? A:Ā Before jumping into anĀ ideal disclosure strategy, remember you're not obligated to say anything. I don't advocateĀ this approach and recommend considering theĀ interview process as the… Continue reading Child-bearer of Bad News?