Going Small

In this week’s newsletter, I wrote about going small when things feel big and overwhelming.

The smallest thing I can think of to do in any moment is to take a breath. And then another.

Since my mind is running in a hundred directions these days, I’m also increasingly turning to mantras to help me stay focused and present.

Action cures fear has been my go-to phrase for years. Focusing on something I can do, no matter how small, reminds me that I am able to make decisions about how I experience whatever is happening around me. 

All is well is a classic I learned from one of Louise Hay’s books. As long as I’m still and breathing, for those seconds, all is actually well.

Next Right Thing is from Frozen 2, and a reminder that a journey starts with one step at a time.

I also turn to Anne Lamott’s three essential prayers: Help, Thanks, Wow to help me clarify what I need, what I’m grateful for and what I can celebrate each day.

Drop me a note at workyourhappy(at)gmail(dot)com and let me know what small things are helping you.

Pink light, always, fellow happiness hunters.


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